Wings out West 2019 is the second year of Australia’s only ground tow paragliding competition, and one which challenges pilots to fly the central NSW flatlands.

You will be among a select 35 pilots who will compete for flatland glory from 13-17 March 2019. This year we are proudly sponsored by SkySight -Soaring and General Aviation Weather Forecasts.


Wings out West 2019 is a HGFA sanctioned Category B competition specifically for EN A, B and C class paragliders only.  If you are a serious competition pilot, flying a high end or competition wing, then you will need to step down, but you will potentially earn points for your national ranking.  If you are more a recreational pilot, who just enjoys XC flying, then you won’t be competing against competition rockets.  

Wings out West 2019 is intended as an entry level competition with very modest navigation tasks in a fun social environment, but it will introduce pilots to the challenges of competition flying.  The competition will be run in accordance with HGFA guidelines.  Competition tasks will be set by an experienced competition task committee.  

Wings out West 2019 is a great chance to ease yourself into the paragliding competitions or if you are a competition hound, a chance to hone your flatland flying. If you haven’t had much ground tow experience, don’t be put off – there is an official practice day scheduled for the first day.

Wings out West 2019 will be based in the central west town of Trundle.  Trundle is located 48 km NW of Parkes, 58 km NNW of Forbes and 52 kms NE of Condobolin.  It is literally in the centre of NSW and the epi-centre of flatland flying.  Trundle is a typical outback NSW country town, servicing the surrounding crop and livestock enterprise, and has all the services that are needed for a successful competition and a fun time. 

The Wings out West 2019 competition is run by the Flatlands Towing Club, an incorporated association and flying club affiliated with the HGFA.  The Flatlands Towing Club has a membership spread throughout western NSW and is responsible for the development of ground tow launching and flatlands flying in recent years.

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