Trundle is a typical small country town in central NSW with a population of 700.  It services the local cropping and grazing community.  It also has a very active Progress Association which among other things host the annual ABBA Festival which brings 6000 fans to town over a weekend in May.  Trundle also hosts the annual Bush Tucker Day which also attract 1000s of people in September.  

For Wings out West, the Trundle community will be hosting 50-60 people associated with the event.  Compared to the ABBA Festival or Bush Tucker day we are a small group, but I am sure we will be made to feel welcome.  If you haven't experienced rural NSW life then Trundle is a great place to immerse yourself.  You will get to meet many of the local community during the WoW event.

Trundle has the following facilities;

Hotel - Drinks, Ice and Pizza meals along with accommodation - see Trundle accommodation.  Also the site for the Monday night Pizza and Pool night - see social activities.

Cafes -  which open early and have great food.  They also have supermarket produce.  Business hours only.  There is no other supermarket facilities.

B&B - there are two in town - see Trundle accommodation.

Fuel is available during business hours.

ATM there are facilities to withdraw cash at the Trundle Hotel, Lucky 7 Store and the Trundle Services and Citizens Club.

Services Club: modern club facilities with a Chinese restaurant. A relaxing location for a friendly drink. Also has motel accommodation available. see Trundle accommodation.

Post Office, Hardware Store and other interesting shops in the main street.

Golf Course, Swimming Pool and Tennis Courts. The Showground will be the site for WoW Competition Headquarters and camping.  There is also a racecourse and footy oval.